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  • Juan M Zatarain

    Dear Sandyport Community,

    As a resident of Governors Cay, not only did we wake up to spray paint with disrespectful signs in many places around the cay (main Governors Cay sign, tennis court, playground, neighbours garage,...) but also the vandals cleaned their fingers our jeep's hood, leaving two painted spots. These stains cannot be removed without damaging the car's paint; we might even have to replace the entire hood!

    By talking to other neighbours, we know that most likely these unfortunate actions happened between 10pm and 11pm on Saturday December 2nd.

    Vandalism to resident's property and insolent actions such as these should not be tolerated in our community. We must come together strong and get to the bottom of who are the mischievous perpetrators.

    Please share any information you have with Sandyport Security.

    Best regards, JM

  • Sophie Roberto

    As a resident of Sandyport for the past ten years, I don’t record that anything like this has ever happened. It is very sad to see all these graffitis on Governors Cay.

    The vandals must definitely be found and be responsible to repair/pay for all the damages they have caused.

    Also I don’t know if it could be related but teenagers have been seen Saturday between 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm at the Roberts Isle playground.  They arrived on one or two golf carts and a motorcycle, with a very inappropriate attitude and started to light up fire crackers, scaring the children who were playing there.

    Let’s hope that events like this will never happen again.


  • Juan M Zatarain

    Nassau, 6th December 2017


    Dear Sandyport Management,

    Dear Sandyport SHOA Board of Directors,

    On Saturday 2 December 2017, presumably between 10pm and 11pm, certain teenager kids spray-painted obscene drawings in public areas, garages and private vehicles. There were many witnesses who noticed odd behaviour by teenagers that same afternoon and later at night.


    We thank you, and the Sandyport maintenance crew, for the swift cleaning action to remove the disturbing images.


    Nonetheless, we must never tolerate this disgraceful behaviour in our community and rebuke it strongly. Our community runs the risk of forgetting these crimes in impunity.


    We appreciate your efforts in holding the culprits accountable. We look forward to hearing what is the final outcome; although, we understand if their names cannot be disclosed.


    Sincerely yours,


    Sandyport Owners & Residents


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