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Workers entering Sandyport outside of business hours



  • Jeralyn Lash-SANDS

    I called security front office today to complain about #39, next door. It's Saturday and besides repairing a roof, workers were drilling inside, loud enough that it could be heard by the front desk while i spoke with them on the phone. I normally don't complain, but first of all - the rule is cited above; it's Saturday; there was no heads up about the work; and the owner of that dwelling (who rents it out) has never shown any consideration for neighbors - after all, he doesn't reside on premise and obviously doesn't care.

    In the past, he had a crew drill on the the joining wall and the worker drilled through my wall making a hole - which required plastering and paint.  I do believe that they were putting beams inside and not even sure it that was allowed or requested permission for.  

    The front desk was very helpful today, and I do appreciate it.  Mr. Bodie went next door and told them they can't drill, but was told that the roof had to be repaired today -  but they have been next door all afternoon.  Again, front desk and Mr. Bodie treated the matter well.  However, I believe that the construction manager went to the front desk and told security that they had to do the roof and then it became known that I complained.......didn't necessarily like that they were told it was me......anyhow

    And, while I am on the subject.......the neighbors park either in front of their house - or visitors do and block the entrance to my driveway....or they park at the end - blocking my driveway......

    I don't usually complain.....but, it's pretty inconsiderate to be drilling...on the weekend.......and we are talking LOUD DRILLING!

    Thank you.

    Mrs. Sands #40


  • Jeralyn Lash-SANDS

    If what I complained about above is visible for others to read - please delete it!


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